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Enamel Paint Metal Brass Prong Five Claw Button Lacquer Finish

Place of Origin clothing button manufacturers
Certification ISO 9001
Model Number Painting Finish 5 CLAWS
Minimum Order Quantity Buy Bulk Buttons Direct From Manufacturer‎
Price Bulk Buttons for Sale: Cheap, Discount Buttons
Packaging Details Standard export carton, 200pcs/bag, 400pcs/bag, 1000pcs/bag, also as your request
Delivery Time 7 - 15 BUSINESS DAYS
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability Snap Button Factories | Reliable Suppliers in China‎
Product Details
Buttons Type Painting Finish Five Claw Snap Button Buttons Material Metal,colorful
Buttons Feature Eco-Friendly, Nickel-Free Buttons Sizes Customized Size
High Light

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Product Description
Denim®Prong Snap Buttons,Buy Bulk Buttons Online.Babies & Children Wears.We Produce Five Claw Button DTM Color Finish.10+ Years Experience, Advanced Equipments, Excellent Product Quality And Stable Quality.

We specialize in metal 5-prong snap fasteners from china.Custom On Snaps | Metal Color Prong Ring Snap Button Fasteners made to order from china factories

Material & Finishes - Complete set is made of a metal of brass, which processed to the electroplating and enamel of desirable color from your option.

Availability: In stock

According to many years of experience in professional production and sales of buttons, it is concluded that most of the customers are not experienced enough when adjusting the machine.So what is the most standard tuning?That is, after the five claw button hit on the clothes, with the nail between the claw and the male (female) button inserted between, but the button is not out of shape is the best.Then how to see the quality of the five claws on the clothes without hitting it?Here are a few things to look at.One is the thickness of copper skin.Not all the quality of products are determined by the thickness, different clothes with different thickness.The second is male and female buckle.Male and female buckle can not buckle after it is difficult to open, open after closing the moment there is a clear sound, that is the quality of good five claw buckle.However, this has to be excluded from the customer's requirement that the male and female buckle bite degree is deliberately adjusted to a very low situation.Lower occlusion
After, the elastic force of the button has been smaller, so it can not be very clear sound.Based on the above situation, I have listed the following 11 problems and corresponding solutions.
1. A. tighten and loosen the buckle force.A. if it is OK before hitting, the setting of the button machine is too low.B. it may be mixed with different products from other manufacturers.C. there is something wrong with the mold.
2. Not enough destructive power, easy to fall off.A. the closing height of the button press is not adjusted well.B. the fabric is too thick or the claw length is not enough.C, claw material is too thin, hardness is not enough.
3. The throwing of a claw.A. the button press is not vertical and eccentric.B. the side of male and female buckle is too low or too narrow, and the gap with the claw is not enough (can be detected by hand before hitting).C. If the claw surface is too long, use short claw instead.
4. The paw breaks when the button is set.A. the setting of the button press is too low.B. The claws are too hard to bend.C. Problems with electroplating may cause the claws to become hard and brittle, especially the unplating (after the color has been electroplated, another color will be electroplated again).D. The back space and shape of male and female buckle are not good enough, so that the claw foot is not enough and broken.
Fit after many times, ⒌ to bite down degree of loose fit or can't use.A. the material of the button is too thin, and the elastic recovery is not enough.B. the manufacturing technology of male and female buckle is not up to the standard.
Pictures of male button surface dew point, not beautiful.A, male and female buckle material is too thin or claw material is too thick do not match.B. The punching die is inconsistent with the surface shape of male and female buckle.
But sometimes playing pearl face five claw clasp rupture sometimes OK.A. the lower movable shaft of the button press is not locked properly. Make the button press close at the same height.B. The pearlescent surface may be thick or thin, or the surface may be curved.C. The concave position of the mold is inconsistent with the radian of the bead surface.
⒏ packing surface surface indentation, seriously affect the quality.A. The button face is too thin, and the bearing capacity is not enough.B. The setting of the button press is too low.C. The shape of the punching die does not conform to the button surface. You can change the mold.D. When pressing the button, please note that there should be no sundries in the bottom mold center.
⒐ painted buckle surface with five claws, paint falls off.A. the shape of the punching die is inconsistent with the shape of the claw surface.B. Poor paint quality, poor adhesion of general off-brand paint.C. Oil removal is not clean before painting.
D. If ironing, make sure the problem is not too high to avoid damaging the paint.
⒑ after button button male female not together, but not before is good.A. the button press is not adjusted correctly, and the button has been deformed.B. mold is not good.
⒒ by repeated fit after the play button, claw circle cloth surface crack.A. the button press is set too low, which will crush and break the fabric.B. There are burrs on the edge of the claw ring, cut it off.



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