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Decorative Antique Denim Metal Buttons , Trousers Metal Shank Buttons Bulk

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Certification Environmental Standard:OEKO-TEX
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COLOR Sliver,Black Ancient Silver CHOOSE SIZE 14L 16L 18L 20L 22L 24L 28L 32L
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denim jacket buttons


custom denim buttons

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Product Description


A refreshing new experience of trims • accessories in apparel & denim buttons design supplier
made in china jeans buttons, press buttons and jeans rivets
top notch buttons quality

We have processes in place to ensure that our final bulk buttons not only meet the order specs, but meet our high quality standards.

Bulk Buttons Product display

Metal Buttons Shapes are innumerable and customizable, the most used shapes are:
  • flat buttons
  • coin effect buttons
  • rounded buttons
  • hammered buttons
  • high-depressed edge buttons
  • concave buttons
  • pierced buttons and many other forms.

Button design features


Spray paint to do old button ornament in front, in order to arrange the form of a single row, eye-catching more than rich layering sense.

Discover the full range of our jeans metal buttons product range at starting here.
you don't start over. every step you take is forever.
Denim Jeans buttons is composed of the top button (A piece) and the bottom nail (B piece). The two parts are combined by means of moulding.

Classification of Buttons


Developing New Buttonss For Different Kinds Of Garment
A. by button size (i.e. diameter points)
That's what we call 14#, 16#, 18#, 20#, 60#, etc!Its replacement formula is: diameter = model *0.635(mm).If we have a button but do not know its size, we can measure its diameter (mm) with a caliper and divide it by 0.635.
B, there is another way to represent the size of the button, namely L

The conversion relation is as follows:
Button size:

Decorative Antique Denim Metal Buttons , Trousers Metal Shank Buttons Bulk 0
1L=0.635MM 1MM=1/25 INCH)
14 l = 8.89 MM = 11/32"
16 l = 10.16 MM = 13/32"
18 l = 11.43 MM = 15/32"
20 l = 12.7 MM = 1/2"
60 l = 38.1 MM = 1-1/2"
C. number and unit of buttons:
Bead PIECE PC. = 1 PC
Play OZEN d. = 12 PCS
ROM. GROSS g. = 144 PCS
Decorative Antique Denim Metal Buttons , Trousers Metal Shank Buttons Bulk 1




We focus on metal Jeans Buttonstrims.VIIPLUS METAL BUTTONS has devoted herself in the field of metal accessories, unremittingly inspirited by the commitment of manufacturing satisfaction for customers.

VIIPLUS BUTTONS an important Project of a button manufacturer serving the world’s international brands for high grade jeans.stands out for its production of jeans button as well as for all related metal buttons,
Most jeans button bodies material are primarily made of brass which can be broadly conformed to the major countries' safety regulation of holding & pushing strength, total nickel, lead, tin, chrome, cobalt & zinc contents of the MSDS suggested standard and CPSC (CPSIA), REACH






Jeans buttons' bottom base divides into several designs and structures. The structure includes Traditional standard jeans button, Rotation-based swivel jeans buttons and non-swivel base with match to the bottom tacks.It can be applicable to different purpose of uses. Read the scope of application in this category as shown in the following table.


Material: Brass or Alloy


Type Styles:


1.Traditional Sandard Jeans button:with its matched with the Antimony screw tack.

 Feature:"Excellent" performance of pull-out strength.General & Economy,

2.Swivel jeans buttons:Rotation-based;"Nice" performance of pull-out strength.High Quality     Grade  & Popular.

3.Non-swivel base:Non-Rotation based; "High" performance of pull-out strength.High Grade & Popular,


Detail Display



Quality, under our control.

Jeans have certainly been one of the most important clothing revolutions in the entire history of fashion the world over, as well as in the history of modern sociology. As well as the thousands of different interpretations that haute couture has offered and continues to offer the market, tack buttons are the undisputed protagonists of this “cult” item of clothing because it is on the buttons.


Decorative Antique Denim Metal Buttons , Trousers Metal Shank Buttons Bulk 2



  • Men & Women's jean garment

  • Cowboy wear

  • Jeans West Ladies Denim Dresses

  • Jacket pants

Discover More

Choosing Jeans Buttons Size


How to measure the size of buttons

Button Diameter For button size,measure the outer largest diameter


BUTTON SIZE Chart Size Chart "L" stands for Ligne, the traditional unit of measure for measuring buttons:


We provide various diameters from the Jeans Buttons size. Please see below to view some specifications:

INCH JEANS BUTTONS SIZE:1(in)=25.4(mm)We uses millimeter for the datum of measurement unit. A value of inch is an approximation figures convert from millimeter, which might not be equivalent to the actual measurements of millimeter.As increasing buttons product variety increases the requests of customers finding different size specification that match with their needs. Above measurements might not precisely be shown as well as variation that might have already been affected. These measurements may be outdated or obsolete as a result of the rapid action modification of and new products caused. We appreciate it may take some time to get the necessary update information. Please contact us so we can provide further information and the solutions offer.

Decorative Antique Denim Metal Buttons , Trousers Metal Shank Buttons Bulk 3



Metaljeans Button Size



Top Diameter

Choose Button Standard Size

12.5mm (20L ~ 1/2") ; 13mm (21L ~ 17/32") ; 14mm (22L ~ 9/16")

15mm (24L ~ 19/32") ; 16mm (25L ~ 41/64") ; 17mm (26L ~ 43/64") ; 18mm (28L ~ 23/32") ; 19mm (30L ~ 3/4") ; 20mm / 20.5mm (32L ~ 51/64")

21mm (34L ~ 53/64") ; 22mm (34L ~ 7/8") ; 23mm (36L ~ 29/32") ; 24mm (38L ~ 61/64") ; 25mm (40L ~ 63/64") ; 27mm (42L ~ 1-1/16") ; 28mm (44L ~ 1-7/64") ; 30mm (48L ~ 1-3/16") ; 32mm (50L ~ 1-17/64") ; 35mm (54L ~ 1-25/64") ; 40mm (64L ~ 1-37/64")


How To Order Buttons


  • Step 1:Send Email And Advise Which Item(S) You Are Interesting.Select The Size, Color Or Quantity If Necessary. For Some Items, We May Recommend A Size For You. Just Click Check My Size;

    Step 2:Quote You The Price And Moq, For Stock Sizes And Style. Check Out When Item Selection Is Completed. Make Some Modifications If Necessary;We Send The Free Samples For You Approval.

    Step 3: Complete Shipping And Billing Information.


We Sending Proforma Invoice ,Fill In The Shipping Factory Address;


Select A Payment Method;

Choose One Shipping Option;

Apply Bulk Prices * And Discount *;

“Place Order”Finish Production


Step 4:Shipping

Shipping Information

Our service:

Fast delivery by air with our own account (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT) or customers' account, save your time.

1)by express to door(DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT)

2)by air to airport

3)by sea to port

Products Packaging

Standard Export Packing:Cartons / Pallets /Woode Cases

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