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Black Silicone Cord Stopper | Drawstring Toggle Stopper

Place of Origin China Supplier
Brand Name Cord Lock Stopper
Certification European standard
Model Number Face Masks Drawstring Toggle Stopper
Minimum Order Quantity 2.000.000 pcs
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time 7-10 days
Payment Terms T/T IN ADVANCE
Supply Ability 8.000.000 Piece/Pieces One week
Product Details
Application Drawstring Toggle Stopper For Mask Color Black Color, White
Function Of Stopper Button Adjusted The Face Mask Size Face Stopper Material Soft Silicone For Drawstring
Standard European Environmentally Friendly Materials Country Of Origin Face Mask Silicone Stopper China Supplier
High Light

Drawstring Silicone Cord Stopper


10mm Silicone Cord Stopper


10mm Drawstring Toggle Stopper

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Product Description

Silicone Cord Stopper, Drawstring Toggle Stopper Buy cord toggle, Find the face mask stopper suppliers, drawstring supplier. Import drawstring stoppers From China.

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silicone cord stopper for sale

Face Mask Rope Silicone Clip Elastic Cord Stopper Toggle

Wholesale Adjustment Anti Slip Cord Lock Rope Earloop Buckles silicone stopper

High quality, Fast delivery, great prices! Free shipping worldwide. Types: Mask cord lock


Silicone cord stopper falt round shape black color or white color
Drawstring toggle stopper

face ear rope rubber silicone elastic cord adjuster buckles stopper cord lock

Choose Your Mask Stopper and Order Now! Logistics Service

Support OEM/ODM with a customized sample from mask rope adjustment buckle manufacturers


Drawstring Toggle Stopper Specification

Silicone cord stopper


Product Type

Cord Stopper

7 days sample order lead time




Stopper Type

Cord Lock




adjuster for mask size

Place of Origin





safe material, eco-friendly


1-10 mm All elastic cord rope


rubber silicone rope adjuster buckle toggle stopper cord lock


black Face Mask Rope Silicone Clip Elastic Cord Stopper Toggle

Packing & Delivery

Export Cartons

silicone cord stopper drawstring toggle stopper


Mask stopper details

Silicone rubber is among the best. It has insipidity and innoxious, not afraid of high temperature and resist the characteristics of cold, in 300 degrees Celsius and -90 degrees Celsius when "aplomb", "face does not change color", still do not lose original strength and flexibility. Silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, oxygen resistance and aging resistance, light resistance and aging resistance, mildew resistance, chemical stability, and so on


The basic structural unit of silicone products is composed of the silicon-oxygen chain, and the side chain is connected with various other organic groups through silicon atoms. Therefore, the structure of organosilicon products contains both "organic groups" and "inorganic structures", and such composition and molecular structure make it integrate the characteristics of organic matter and the functions of inorganic matter. Compared with other polymer materials, organosilicon products


silicone gel can be divided into large-hole silicone cord stopper, coarse-hole silicone cord stopper gel, B-type silica gel, and fine-hole silica gel according to its pore size. Because of the different pore structures, their adsorption properties have their own characteristics. Coarse-hole silica gel has a higher adsorption capacity when the relative humidity is high, while fine-hole silica gel has a higher adsorption capacity when the relative humidity is low than that of coarse-hole silica gel, while B-type silica gel has an adsorption capacity between coarse and fine holes because the pore structure is between coarse and fine holes.


Molded silicone cord stopper gel products are usually formed by applying pressure on the vulcanizing machine through a high-temperature mold after adding a vulcanizing agent to solid silicone cord stopper gel raw materials. The hardness of the molded silicone cord topper gel is usually 30°C-70°C. The color of raw materials combined with color paste is based on Pantone tone, and the shape of the mold determines the shape of molded silicone products, which are widely used in the silica gel industry. It is mainly used for making silica gel industrial accessories, buttons, silica gel gifts, silica gel bracelets, silica gel watches, key bags, mobile phone covers, silica gel kitchen utensils, silica gel pads, ice boxes, cake molds, etc.


Extruded silicone cord stopper gel products are usually formed by an extruding machine. Generally, the shape of the extruded silica gel is long, and the tubular shape can be cut at will. However, the shape of extruded silica gel is limited, and it is widely used in instruments and food machinery.


Liquid silicone cord stopper gel products


Liquid silicone cord stopper gel products are molded by the injection of the silicone cord stopper. The product is soft and its hardness can reach 10°C-40°C. Due to its softness, it is widely used in the simulation, silicone breast pad, etc.

Silicone rubber products have this very good characteristic, colorless, non-toxic, high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, flexibility, transparency high characteristics through silicone rubber products can solve the difficult problem of toughness, elasticity is very good, not easy to deformation due to external forces, and feel lighter


Cord Locks Silicone - Wholesale Suppliers Online


Silica gel mask button dancer _ the silicone strainer _ introduce and use ear rope dancer buckle with silica gel materials, can rise to alleviate ear le due to masking ear line mark, because of children or small face and ear rope often cannot be fixed on the ear clip leads to problems such as easy to lose, and silica gel has a good comfortable enough support not drop or produce discomfort. Adjust the buckle and buckle technique (wash hands before and after the process) :


Find a big eye needle and put on the adjustment button. Hold the elastic fold through the big eye needle and drag the adjustment button (just like threading a double thread with a needle).


The silica gel ear rope adjustment buckle can be recycled many times. Dust, bacteria, impurities, and so on can be disinfected with alcohol and then reused. It can also be sterilized with a physical disinfection method by boiling water and making elastic silica gel ear rope adjustment buckle. To provide you with samples or drawings for precise design and production, using pure silica gel material, focusing on the production of medical silica gel products, medical silica gel accessories, customized various medical supplies miscellaneous. Product surface smooth, no black spots, no rough edges, and other undesirable impurities. We are full of confidence to return the vast number of new and old customers with more outstanding results. We look forward to your everlasting support! Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance, and business negotiations.


Choose Your Mask Stopper Black color or white color toggles Product and Order Now! Logistics Service.Trade Assurance.

Face Mask Rope Silicone Clip Elastic Cord Stopper Toggle


silicone cord stopper drawstring toggle stopper

Drawstring Toggle Stopper for Sale

Drawstring Toggle Stopper manufacturer in china, offering high-quality disposable face mask stopper, Certification. And also offering FACE MASK Toggles Test, quick delivery in a couple of days

Chinese production plant and warehouse in ZHEJIANG, with bulk inventory and prompt delivery speed.

Welcome to contact us, we will offer you a quick and competitive quotation.

Silicone Cord Lock For Children’s Face Mask 

How To Insert Silicone Adjuster On-Ear Loops (For Face Masks)