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White Color Toggle Cord Locks For Face Mask

Place of Origin made in china
Brand Name denim buttons
Certification ISO 9001
Model Number Tube Blue Color Plastic Cord Stopper Buttons For Face Mask
Minimum Order Quantity 1.000.000 pcs
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time 7-15 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 6000000 Piece/Pieces One week
Product Details
Face Mask Cord Stoppers Free Samples Material White Cord Locks Silicone Stopper
Stopper Color White,Black DTM Fabric Material Application Stopper Toggle Cord Locks For Production Face Masks
Size Customized Price China Factory Price
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Product Description

White Color Toggle Cord Locks For Face Mask Supplier, Silicone Adjuster Mask toggles.


mask strap stopper, 

cord stopper for a face mask

Cord Stopper Face Mask 

For Men & Women, Childen Mask Stopper
Style: Fashion




Medical Apparel Mask stopper- Change Is Courage

Buy a face mask stopper to protect your loved ones from the deadly CoronaVirus.  We supply Masks stopper adjuster for both adult and kids.  The factory prices.  If interested, please check our site: denim-buttons.com


Toggle Cord Locks For Face Mask


White cord locks

Toggle Cord Locks details

The significant characteristic of silicone rubber is high-temperature stability. Although the strength of silicone rubber is only half of that of rubber or some synthetic rubber at room temperature, silicone rubber can still maintain certain flexibility, resilience and surface hardness at high temperature above 200℃, and there is no obvious change in mechanical properties.


(2) The glass transition temperature of low temperature silicone rubber is generally -70~-50℃, and the formula can reach -100℃, indicating that its low temperature performance is excellent Silicone gel according to the size of its pore size is divided into macroporous silica gel, coarse pore silica gel, B type silica gel, fine pore silica gel. Due to the different pore structures, their adsorption properties have their own characteristics. Coarse pore silica gel in the case of high relative humidity has a higher adsorption capacity, fine pore silica gel in the case of low relative humidity adsorption capacity is higher than coarse pore silica gel, and B type silica gel due to the pore structure between the coarse and fine pore, the adsorption capacity is also between the coarse and fine pore.


Cord Lock - Mask Cord Adjusters. White & Black, Navy Colors! Silicone or PVC Cord Stopper for Face Masks Elastic or Ribbon. Ships From China. Soft Cord Toggle Locks


White Color Cord Locks. Lightweight, simple to use. Silicone - bacck or navy colors! White, Black and Clear and Navy Flat Round Shaped.

The Silicone Colored Cord Locks are very slightly smaller than our White and Black Silicone Cord Locks (if you have purchased those before), but they are as soft, and still very comfortable to wear. For use with 1/8" - 1/4" earloop elastic or regular elastic.

Clear, Black, Blue, Navy,White, Yellow and Black shaped.

cord locks onto the elastic.

If you order by today, we will try very hard to ship within 3 business days,.
LHIGH QUALITY ELASTIC and other mask stoppers supplies
- Customer service and quality is very important to us. If you have concerns with your order, please contact us so we can see what we can do to help :)



White Color Toggle Cord Locks For Face Mask

White Black Cord Locks For Mask Plastic Silicone Round Adjustable Cord Lock Buckle For Adult Children Elastic Adjustment Accessories

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